Computer Services

We can make it better, stronger

left-click, like computers, might seem big and hard to understand at first, but read this page and you'll know everything you need to know about who we are and what we do, from selling and servicing Mac and PCs to coming right to your house to set up your network.


Computer repair

We fix what ails computers of all stripes, from Macs to Windows and even Linux machines. We can take care of your broken screens, dead batteries and we'll do our best with your orange juice drenched laptop.

Hardware installation

Installing memory or a hard drive can be a tough job, and if it isn’t done correctly then those valuable parts become nothing more than small pieces of garbage.


Networking is a great way to use your multiple computers to your advantage, saving you time and resources especially in the workplace. Trust the experts at left-click to set you up with a sturdy and reliable network.


If your computer just feels "off" lately (or if it just plain won't turn on!), and you're not quite sure why, there's no need to worry. Let left-click investigate and we'll be able to tell you the problem--and the solution-- in no time.

System Tune-up

Is your computer starting to show its age? Does it feel underpowered? As your computer gets older, it's going to lose some of its speed. Here at left-click we've got what it takes to give you back that spark.

Data recovery and migration

Oh no! You woke up this morning and your computer doesn't know who it is, let alone all of the important documents you had saved on it. Bring your computer to left-click; If there's a way to save your data, we'll do it!