The dirt on us

left-click, like computers, might seem big and hard to understand at first, but read this page and you'll know everything you need to know about who we are and what we do.

About left-click

The most important button on the mouse is most commonly referred to as the "left-click." While the other auxillary buttons provide very useful functions, the left-click provides the user the ability to select what they want and execute their desired actions.

So here we are. We know how complex computers are. We know the commands. But a visual interface is a beautiful thing, and we are here for you. Our Computer Services are designed with you in mind! Our mission is to be an interface that gives you the ability to select what technology you want and put into action all that you could ever want to do with your technology.

Simply put, why left-click?

All under one roof. One big roof.

Whether your business relies on mobility, millions of dollars worth of financial information, large data files, processing power, or high level data security requirements, left-click offers solutions backed by competent and certified Advisors to provide you with reliability and support.

Better - superior actually.

We only focus on the latest technology. From the lightest and smallest portable notebooks to powerhouse desktops to industry-grade servers, left-click works with you to provide the perfect solution with results to help you accomplish everything you need to do in your business.

Security - built-in, not bolted on.

left-click provides an effective way to protect critical data and systems company-wide with security software that’s easy to maintain and customize. Using proven, fully-compliant software, the package provides layers of protection available to you. The software keeps you safe from malware without the hassle of daily alerts and sweeps.

Compatible - who wants to play alone?

The keys to your company’s equipment belong in your hands and nobody else’s. Our solutions work with reality and fit seamlessly and securely into your current environment. We bear the industry standard and watch closely at it evolves to ultimately provide that knowledge to you. We work with all email providers (including the left-click email hosting) and websites. We deal with all file types, including, but never limited to, Office documents, PDFs, images, text files, MP3s, videos and ZIP files. Rest assured that we know how to work your camera, printer and peripherals too.

Manageable - built on efficiency

We provide you with simple, innovate tools to help you set up and monitor all your key business services. Powerful yet streamlined software makes it easier than ever for you and the people in your company to collaborate, communicate and share information. Services such as server based IMAP email, the ability to share calendars and address books allow a business to run more efficiently.

Built for Business - we know what works

By bringing left-click into your business, you can see how our knowledgeable Advisors can change the way you interact with your equipment in a positive way. The experience our team brings to meet yours makes it easy to discover new technology to maximize efficiency. Not only are we fluent with Business, Graphics & Design, Productivity, Utilities and other software, we possess the ability to absorb and manipulate custom software.

Performance - never limited to

Mom always said “if your name’s on it, make it your best”. At left-click we believe in what our name stands for: a solid, reliable name in technology support. We put our name on all the work we do and we’re always proud of it. Support is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year*. If you’re working, so are we. Advisors are always a quick phone call away. Not only do we pick up the phone when you call, but we respond to all emergency situations in less than four hours. Call us at 3AM, we’ll pick up.

Local Businesses

From a small businesses operating from a single laptop in a coffee shop, to the coffee shop itself, to the coffee shop’s supplier and beyond.

Here is the short selection of our clients:

  • Northampton Volkswagen
  • River Valley Market
  • Bueno Y Sano
  • Raos Coffee
  • Cornucopia Foods
  • PMA Telemarketing
  • Law Offices of Allison, Angier and Bartmon
  • Ink Solutions
  • Law Office of David Noonan Esq.
  • Mother Woman
  • Impish
  • Moving Mentor
  • CTI Energy Services
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Medicine Hunter
  • Library of American Landscape History
  • A.E.H.S. Foundation
  • The Butler Corporation
  • Almadan Inc.
  • Herrells Ice Cream
  • Law Office of Mathieu Massengill
  • The Mod Spa
  • Karuna Center for Peace
  • Zen Peacemakers
  • Amherst College