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posted by Mike on 09/16/2014

left-click's Kevin Gallager speaks to ABC 40 about about Apple's U2 backfire.

posted by Kelly on 03/19/2014

Where we've been

Television as we've known it functions according to a schedule. Shows are on at certain times only. When I was younger, and my kindergarten class switched to the afternoon, I remember feeling an impending doom as the day approached when I would have to miss Transformer episodes.

posted by mikaela on 01/28/2014

Voting has begun for the annual Best of the Valley Reader's Poll, conducted by the Valley Advocate. Please place your vote now to help left-click win the title of Best Local Computer Store for 2014.

posted by Mike on 01/21/2014

left-click's Kelly Albrecht speaks to WWLP about Malware.

posted by Kelly on 12/08/2013

Today was the day of this year’s Hot Chocolate Run for Safe Passage! It’s a huge part of Northampton’s culture. The Valley is really lucky to have an organization like Safe Passage.

Sweet Banner placement. Thanks Safe Passage!

posted by Mike on 11/20/2013

This Saturday, 8am - 8pm, is Bag Day, one of the biggest annual events in downtown Northampton. We're offering a lot of exciting deals.

Left-Click Northampton is offering 20% the following items on Bag Day:

posted by Mike on 11/18/2013

left-click's Kelly Albrecht speaks to WWLP about "Ransomware."

posted by Laura on 09/04/2013

This week we're commencing our #waybackwednesday series, where we post photos, anecdotes, and other cool stuff from left-click's recent past. We're starting with a snapshot showing one of the first incarnations of our website, dating back to 2006. In some ways, it doesn't seem like a long time ago, but in terms of, say...clip-art usage, it clearly was. Here's a snapshot of that site:

posted by Laura on 08/26/2013

Back to School Sale!
Days a bit shorter? Check.
Temperatures a bit more mild? Check.
Populations of Amherst and Northampton suddenly seem like they've doubled? Check.

According to our calculations, all of these things mean it's almost fall, and almost fall means it's time for left-click's BACK-TO-SCHOOL SALE!

posted by Laura on 08/22/2013

Tomorrow, August 23, we're sponsoring the Blood Drive at Thornes Marketplace:
Blood Drive!

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